Digital Marketing

Fab Geni specializes on all things online. We build, market, advertise & optimise your online presence. Providing all the services you need for your online presence under one roof

Social Media Management

We assist in the integration & optimization of all your various social media sites. We can increase your likes, followers, views pins an traffic to your various social media sites

Online Shops

Monetize your online presence. Fab Geni specializes in building e-commerce enabled websites & Facebook pages (f-commerce) so you can sell your products & services online. Let us help you make money online.
Our passion is  social media management & online marketing . Why you ask ? Because we firmly believe that a well maintained , automated online business can free up all the time needed to actually enjoy life. We all know the  internet doesn’t sleep, Facebook Shops are open 24/7/365 We can access our e-commerce shops from the smallest smart phones with the latest software from all over the world Now is the best time to get online and its never been easier & cheaper to get started. We like to think “ouside the box”. With our exciting fresh approach  to online marketing ,social media and f-commerce We  assist you with expert advice on creating and managing websites, building e-commerce websites (online shops that allow you to sell your products & services from your website) SEO (Search Engine Optimistion – getting your website found on search engines) Traffic Generation (Creating Traffic to your online shop) Social Media Integration (Integrating your various social media accounts) Social Media Management (Managing your social Media Accounts) F-commerce (online shops allowing you to sell your products & services from your Facebook page) F-commerce franchising (creating  franchises for your Facebook shop) Fab Geni taks your online presence to the next level by using top of the range experts in their various fields and managing the various processes so that you can enjoy peace of mind and rest assured that your online activities are taken care off.

    Fab Geni Digital Media Solutions 2020