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Need Digital Media Management ?

We firmly believe that a well maintained, automated online business can free up all the time needed to actually enjoy life & spend more time with your family and loved ones. Online businesses can be completely automated, giving you peace of mind and a relatively passive income. We all know the internet doesn’t sleep, online shops are open 24/7/365. We can access our e-commerce shops from the smallest smart phones, with the latest software, from all over the world. Now is the best time to get online and its never been easier & cheaper to get started. We like to think “outside the box”. With our exciting, fresh approach to online marketing, social media management & f-commerce. Fab Geni specializes on startups and small to medium enterprises, helping them with first hand experience to get started in the online world.

Fab Geni  Digital Media, Web Design & more

Fab Geni takes your online presence to the next level by using top of the range experts in their various fields and managing the various processes so that you can enjoy peace of mind and rest assured that your online activities are taken care off.  We love making money just as much as any other business, but we also enjoy what we do and we have our own, no bull approach to things, . If you like our style we are looking forward to be working with you. So if you think it’s time to be FAB choose Fab Geni.

Digital Media

8 Short Steps Towards Your Digital Media Success

1. Domain

Register your Domain

2. Hosting

Pick a Hosting Package that suits your Budget. 

3. Web Design

Design your own website or let us design one for you !

4. Online Security

Protect your Website from Online attacks and Viruses

5. Get Traffic

Launch your Website or Online Shop

6. Social Media

Start a Social Media Presence

7. Online Advertising

Start Advertising Online

8. SEO

Get your Website Ranked on Search Engines


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Stuff we are FAB @

Web Design

Websites Online Shops

Website Development

We build Websites and e-commerce Sites

E-commerce Development

– WordPress, Woocommerce –

E-commerce Development


Online Marketing

– SEO, PPC, Adwords –

Online Marketing

Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising & more


Why should you work with us ?

We manage all Digital Media 


Our team works around the clock



We integrate and automate your online presence



We save you time & money using cutting edge technology



We think out of the box, to create cutting edge online solutions



Creative Solutions to all your online Problems.



We have a team of specialist at our disposal



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Stuff we are really FAB @


– Google, Bing, Yahoo –

Search Engine Optimization

We optimize your Website to Rank high  in organic searches on search engines

Digital Media

Video Post Design

Digital Media Management

Complete Online Domination

Social Media

Facebook Instagram Youtube

Social Media Management

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