We do SEO  so you don’t have too

Is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) a mystery to you ? don’t worry we got you covered !

Professional SEO Audit

Our team of experts will go through your website with a fine-tooth comb. We’ll go page by page searching for any elements of your site and its content that may affect your site’s ability to rank in search engine results. You’ll receive a detailed report on any issues that we turn up, as well as clear cut information on how you can address each item.

Visibility Review

First, our team reviews your site to look for any “red flags” that could be hampering your ability to rank. We’ve found that most webmasters don’t realize that their site could have issues that cause their pages to be hidden or removed from Google – preventing them from ever ranking at all!

Metadata Verification

Our technicians then check each page for appropriate metadata – title tags, meta descriptions (which are displayed in your search result listing), and other important items that should appear on each page, like Google Analytics. We’ll give you a list of pages that have missing or duplicate tags.

Content and Image Audit

We review every page on your site using the same technology that Google uses – and we identify pages that have duplicate content, missing HTML tags, thin content, and other negative items. We list each page of your site in our report, as well as a note if you need to address something for that page.

Link Check

Finally, we audit the links on your site to find any broken links – which could result in Google not being able to see portions of your site. 78% of all websites contain broken links or links to external sites that are no longer available, so we give you a full list of any links that may need to be updated

Managed SEO

Increase Rankings and Traffic

Managed SEO campaigns combine on-site and off-site SEO strategies designed to increase rankings. These fully managed SEO campaigns include link building, competitive research, keyword selection, social networking, content creation, and more every month.

What SEO we do for you

Create Original Content

Our highly trained team of writers creates original content based on your website’s subject.

Create Links

Backlinks from other websites are treated like “votes” by like Google and help determine rankings in search engines.

Build Authority Sites

We build mini authority websites that link to your own website using your keywords. This helps increase your website search engine rankings.

Increase Rankings/Traffic

Within 2-6 weeks you should start to see an increase in your rankings as well as traffic to your website.

Starting Out

Entry Level Managed SEO
  • Professional SEO Audit for 1 pages
  • Campaign optimized for 3 keywords
  • 3 monthly authority sites created
  • 50 PR3+ article links built each month
  • Custom website highlight YouTube video
  • No syndicated press release

Getting Going

Intermediate Managed SEO
  • Professional SEO Audit for 2 pages
  • Campaign optimized for 6 keywords
  • 6 monthly authority sites created
  • 100 PR3+ article links built each month
  • Custom website highlight YouTube video
  • Press release syndicated to 500+ news outlet

All Plans Include

Professional SEO Audit
Keyword Analysis & Optimization
Dedicated, Account Team
Professional Content Review
On-site Content Edits
Keyword Research
Title & Meta Description Tag Creation

Monthly Link Building
Monthly Business Directory Listings
Monthly Article Posts
Monthly Authority Site Articles
Monthly Supporting Article Links
Monthly Ranking Reports
Custom YouTube Video